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Next Week’s Tasting: A Whisky Worldview

When I first started drinking whisky, I found myself regularly surrounded by whisky snobs. Some were Scotch single malt purists, others were Irish and bourbon drinkers. Myself? I'm an explorer. I think to understand what each distiller has done...

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Women Who Whisky 2017

A brief update to let you know more about this year's upcoming Women Who Whisky event in Auckland. We started this annual event last year and I was delighted to sell out the venue as we toured through six exceptional whiskies that all feature...

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Douglas Laing .. Aberlour 20

I've had a few of the Old Particular independent bottlings from Douglas Laing & Co. Their single cask bottlings are sourced from some of my favourite distilleries - Aberlour, Auchentoshan, Ben Nevis, Bowmore and Speyburn just to name a few....

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The Shout: 2017 Whisky Trends piece

I was asked to compile a short guide to emerging whisky trends for the April edition of The Shout. The big trends I see emerging are a little more subtle than some of the big talk recently. Japanese whisky is still popular but it's new world whisky...

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A Must-See: The Intoxicating Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd is a must-see performance with an incredibly limited season in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Despite a plot full of depravity, woeful twists of fate and murder (plenty of murder – sometimes three in a minute!), Sweeney Todd is full of deeply human and occasionally sweet moments and endearing characters.

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How To Become A Whisky Girl.

It was Curiosity that did it. The truth is while I was on the way to becoming a whisky girl, I was learning a lot about life and so here it is, the lessons so far. Apply them liberally to whisky, love and friends. You won’t regret it.

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