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Day Eight: Favourite Sound

You push open the door and realise you can hear the crackle of the fireplace and the sound of Jakob Dylan on the stereo. Then there’s the unmistakeable sound another person makes when you share thirty square metres.

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Day Four: Current Events

Anger demands you pay attention and answer the question of what is right, what is true and what is good. Even if we learn we were wrong, anger is part of our pathway to truth. It is brave and beautiful work to be angry, especially on your own behalf.

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Day Two: Favourite Piece of Furniture

My mother made an escape from the world, where Tennyson, Browning, Keats and Longfellow made sense. I would arrive home from school, discard my bag and books and disappear into the world of poetry and novelists she gave me, sinking into one of those pink velvet Edwardian chairs.

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Day One: Changing Seasons

I think this is how we live and die; in equal, perfect measure. Balance. But it is not the seasons that change to keep the earth in balance in cycles of decay and rebirth. The earth moves herself to stay in balance with her life-giving and her dying. The seasons do not happen to her but Earth steps into them, breath by breath, back towards the moon and on towards the sun.

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