I’ve been in hibernation for the last 12 months or so, writing privately instead of publicly. But when my friend Beka reached out about kicking a daily writing habit back into gear, I said yes – the time is right.

There’s something beautiful and simple about a daily creative practice that is good for the mind and can be good for the soul. So here’s the deal…. in Beka’s words

“For the month of October, we’ll each commit to writing 500 words a day. Or else. (This “or else” is yet to be determined but appears to involve paying for rounds of cocktails at Canon.)

Let’s make a deal, shall we? Why don’t you join us? We can hold one another accountable to our newly acquired/recovered very good habit of writing 500 words every single day. It’s only a month. And after a month, you’ll be well on your way.”

To make it easier, we’ve compiled a list of writing prompts for the month:

1. Changing seasons
2. Favorite piece of furniture
3. A travel story
4. Current events
5. Best meal
6. Friendship gone wrong
7. Childhood dreams
8. Favorite sounds
9. A recent good read
10. Most unique tradition
11. Something that changed you forever
12. Your life’s soundtrack
13. Public transportation
14. I am begging you
15. Something that scares you
16. When I grow up…
17. I believe…
18. One time, at the bar…
19. If I could do it over again…
20. Going to the movies
21. A really good day
22. How to…
23. Not to get political, but…
24. My greatest influences
25. Most hilarious family moment
26. Worst nightmare
27. Robots
28. Love is…
29. The patriarchy
30. The art of hospitality
31. Reformation

Just grab a pen or your keyboard and start writing. Join us! If you’re going to write by pen, why not share a photo each day for accountability? Or go online like us (www.bekajohnson.com) and publish daily. Comment below if you want to join in the fun and and the accountability or tag us on social. Use the hashtag #thedaily500 when you share on social and check back here to see our progress!